Random EV does CAGIVA


I am a member of eCars.Now! - effort. Our aim is to make plans and supporting framework for large scale mass conversions of old internal combustion cars to electric. While I have worked on that project, my dreams of having my very own EV have been bugging me more and more.

To cure that EV-itch, I thought that I really should do my own EV-conversion - to get my hands dirty in EV hardware, not just EV software...

However, I had a feeling that converting whole car would probably not be my first step. I want to learn basic issues with something smaller, easier to handle and to transport. And besides - my workshop is some old bomb-shelter, so there is no large doors to drive car in :)

So, only true options were go-cart or motorbike.

I already have 2 go-cart frames, so I chose motorbike. Mainly because it can be driven easily to my workshop, costs for good performance EV-conversion should be somewhat less than a whole car and a motorbike would be a good platform for testing some things I have been developing in eCars.Now community.

I thought that since my only previous experiences on two wheels were with old moped, I should take this easy - so no 1000 ccm sized bikes or anything like that. It should be small and light, yet bear enough space to fit batteries on it. I saw that there are already couple of Cagiva Freccia 125 ccm conversions in the Internet. So, I thought that this frame could be just right to do my own EV-conversion. And, after a few months of searching, I found right frame.

Now my plan is to fit it with some good technology, to have nice acceleration and modest range. Most likely, if I can, I will use A/C motors and Lithium batteries, since they will give me some performance/range edge compared to DC-motors and lead-batteries. Or, that is how I think now - I may think differently after I have done my first conversion - after all, my motto is;

- DIY is the only way to truly learn something deeply -

Happy reading,

Henry -Henkka- Palonen - Random EV



The donor bike:

Cagiva Freccia C10 -89